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The legacy of Margrit Kennedy

Reform of money and land are two essential ingredients required to transition from the current scarcity based economy to a world where humans may enjoy the bounties of nature and technology, unleashed to fulfil their real creative and imaginative potential. (source: Critical Thinking).

Here is an excellent video interview of the late Margrit Kenney, where she clearly explains the relationship between money and land.  The video was produced by Fred Harrison of Share The Rents, who has been campaigning against the appropriation of land values for private gain for over 40 years. Fred filmed this video of Magrit on 13 February 2012, during her participation in the first public event organised by the Sustainable Money Working Group - Co-operative and Green Money – Opportunities and Barriers, which was a Round Table discussion, hosted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW), and chaired by Ed Mayo, the Secretary General of Co-operatives UK.

Margrit Kennedy has left us a generous legacy of profound insights into the nature and consequences of interest on money. In her book "Interest and Inflation Free Money", she identified the potential dangers of land speculation arising directly from money reform and in this video she expands on the relationship between money and land.

A gathering to honour and celebrate the life and work of Margrit Kennedy

- John Rogers reports, 13 January 2014:

I just returned from a wonderful gathering to honour and celebrate Margrit's life and work at the community of Lebensgarten she co-founded in northern Germany many years ago:

Around 100 people gathered from all parts of Germany, including from her own community, to sing, dance, tell stories and remember together in an Open Space process designed to focus on the things she cared about: monetary reform, local currencies, permaculture, architecture, womens' rights etc.

It was truly a celebration by some of the many people she has touched in her life and a wonderful send-off. One of her friends used the image of our lives being fired liked arrows up into the air and how some arrows like Margrit's fly very high.

At the end of the gathering we all danced the conga out of the hall where we had gathered, led by her 79 year old husband Declan Kennedy and her daughter Antja.

A truly fitting tribute to a remarkable life.
As Stephanie Rearick said, we "hope and trust that the legion of people inspired by Margrit Kennedy will do everything possible to bring her beautiful vision of the world to fruition. May she shine on in 2014 and beyond".

Stephanie has shared her personal experience of the generous and caring quality that Margrit manifested in her life. Stephanie is the co-founder of Time for the World, a project of the Dane County Time Bank USA, which "seeks to create tools and bring people together in order to empower us to create communities and economies that value everyone".

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